Friday Five: Reasons for Mixtapes in the Classroom

Yes, I know, they don’t call them mixtapes, they call them playlists–but there’s still many reasons to have students think about the types of songs characters might listen to and might tell other characters to listen to depending on the situation.

  1. You see the type of music your students like.  On top of that, it always is a happy surprise when I see students like the music I used to listen to when I was their age.
  2. Students feel genuinely excited to talk about music and it engages them.  Sometimes there are interesting arguments about why a certain song would be an appropriate one to choose.
  3. It seems easier for students to quote song lyrics than quote a book.  I find with songs, since they are short like poems, students are more likely to integrate quotations into their arguments.
  4. Tying music to a text makes students practice making inferences, something our Keystone tests ask students to do a number of times.
  5. I always learn about new ways of listening and accessing music.  This year, students have schooled me in Spotify.f54d1bfe955d989ab212cf13a9de1251.jpg


Posted by Kate, VP Secondary PCTELA

Friday Five: Reasons for Mixtapes in the Classroom