Ode to a Drone by Amit Majmudar

Here’s a great poem for teaching Odes because it is just delicious to read aloud. I’ve also used it along with Margaret Atwood’s “A Drone Scans the Wreckage.”  Additionally, I’ve paired “Ode to a Drone” with The Kite Runner in the past.


Ode to a Drone

Amit Majmudar

Hell-raiser, razor-feathered

risers, windhover over





thousand-mile scythe,


proxy executioner’s

proxy ax

pinged by a proxy server,


winged victory,

pilot cipher

unburdened by aught


but fuel and bombs,

fool of God, savage

idiot savant


sucking your benumbed


gamer’s thumb

Ode to a Drone by Amit Majmudar

For Poetry Month: 5 Poems by Amit Majmudar

Amit Majmudar has been a favorite poet of mine since I read his poems in The New Yorker (half the reason I subscribe is for the poetry!). He’s just published his latest poetry book, Dothead, and his poems are just wonderful to teach.  My students love his work, and in particular, when I teach forms like the Ode, they really enjoy “To the Hyphenated Poets.”

  1. “To the Hyphenated Poets”(and below for your reading pleasure)
  2. “Ode to a Drone”
  3. “T.S.A”
  4. “A Pedestrian” Audio here
  5. “Dothead”


To The Hypenated Poets

Richer than mother’s milk
is half-and-half.
Friends of two minds,
redouble your craft.

Our shelves our hives, our selves
a royal jelly,
may we at Benares and Boston,
Philly and Delhi
collect our birthright nectar.
No swarm our own,
we must be industrious, both
queen and drone.

Being two beings requires
a rage for rigor,
rewritable memory,
hybrid vigor.

English herself is a crossbred
mother mutt,
primly promiscuous
and hot to rut.

Oneness? Pure chimera.
Splendor is spliced.
Make your halves into something
twice your size,

your tongue a hyphen joining
nation to nation.
Recombine, become a thing
of your own creation,

a many-minded mongrel,
the line’s renewal,
self-made and twofold,
soul and dual.


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For Poetry Month: 5 Poems by Amit Majmudar