Friday Five: Summer Bucket List

The summer is a great time to relax and read, but there are many other literary thinks to do in the summer besides read.

  1. Take a literary road trip. Visit the homestead of a favorite author or poet. Place can often convey so much in terms of sensory details.
  2. Visit an independent bookstore. Maybe even find one a little far from home and make it a day long adventure.
  3. Shop at Goodwill for books. You might be surprised,  but thrift stores often have great book selections and they’re often only $1.00.
  4. Sit at a coffeshop and take a journal. Write. Sip. Think. Repeat.
  5. Write a book review.  We’re always open for submissions!
Amherst Books in Amherst, MA
Friday Five: Summer Bucket List

5 Bookish Reasons to visit Burlington, VT

1. The Crow Bookshop. This fabulous used bookstore also stocks popular new books.  I’ve spent many hours browsing these shelves, and the staff are knowledgeable and passionate about books.
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2. Phoenix Books. This was new to me, as I haven’t been in Burlington for a few years, but it was a happy substitute to the old Corporate Bookstore on the corner.  And they even have visiting authors: Lev Grossman will be there June 23.

3. Plenty of coffeeshops. From Muddy Waters to Uncommon Ground to Speeder and Earl’s, there are plenty of places to take that book/newspaper/journal and read/write/caffeinate. Each place has a different vibe, whatever your mood.

4. Not 1, but 2 record stores! Pure Pop and Burlington Records…any town that can support 2 shops with vinyl is a town that appreciates art, music, books, and the dying art of browsing.

5. An intellectual community. Because this is a college town, Burlington is full of people willing to talk about books, politics, philosophy, and ideas! A great place to visit and have conversations with everyone from your barista to the people on Church Street.

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5 Bookish Reasons to visit Burlington, VT