Friday Five: First Year Teacher Firsts

Friday Five: First Year Teacher Firsts

This week, Meghan McMahon and Toni Bonitz, year-long interns in the Penn State Professional Development School, worked up a list of the five things they’ve experienced in the first marking period as new teachers.  

  1. You know that thing called sleep? Well uh, you don’t get that anymore. Say hello to late night lesson planning and early morning coffee fixes.

  2.  Call up Marty McFly because we’re heading Back To The Future. That’s right, you are heading back to high school where you will relive your first encounters with the classics like Romeo and Juliet, The Odyssey, and The Catcher in the Rye.

  3. We’d like to introduce you to a little number we like to call Parents, Parents, Parents by our own little Motley Crue of teachers…enough said.

  4. “Ms. McMahon, Ms. Bonitz, you’re so old!” 21 is the new 65…just kidding…well, according to our students. C’est la vie?

  5. “You have a little food on your…everywhere.” 30 minutes to eat lunch is definitely not enough time.


Friday Five: First Year Teacher Firsts

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