Up Late with Poppy Mayberry: The Monday by Jennie K. Brown

Up Late with Poppy Mayberry: The Monday by Jennie K. Brown

Full disclosure: I know and adore Jennie K. Brown.  She’s the past president of the PCTELA board, and she’s just delightful.  But she’s also a new author, and her book, Poppy Mayberry: The Monday is as fun and clever as Jennie. Poppy was born in Nova, a town where people born on different days of the week have powers.  She has telekinesis, but she can’t quite learn to control it the way her peers have learned to control their powers (like invisibility, or telepathy). She’s sent away to summer camp with other students who also need some help, and that’s where she runs into some problems.

The storyline is a classic–Poppy has to team up with Ellie (who has some kind of grudge against her–I don’t want to spoil the ending), Logan, and Sam. They form a team in order to complete a task set to them by the absolutely unlikeable Mrs. Larriby, who runs the summer program. The book is full of surprises I didn’t anticipate, but I will tell you not to worry, Pickle, Poppy’s cute dog, is not injured in all the hijinks.

This book is a delightful middle grade novel that explores themes of friendship, collaboration, and redemption. I’m glad there are at least two more books in this series, as I look forward to learning about the town of Nova and all the people living there.


Posted by Kate, Blog Editor for PCTELA

Up Late with Poppy Mayberry: The Monday by Jennie K. Brown

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