Up Late with Angel Catbird by Margaret Atwood

Up Late with Angel Catbird by Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood, one of my favorite writers, really can do anything. Not only can she write fiction, poetry, and essays, now she’s conquered the graphic novel market with her new book Angel Catbird. NPR ran a great story about this which gives you some background, and the forward to the book also offers insight into her youthful drawings and her inspiration. She says “we all have unlived lives” and the graphic novel made one of her unlived lives happen. Let’s hope, like all cats, she has plenty more lives for us as readers.

The basic premise is typical superhero origin story: Strig Feleedus drops his experiment, and his DNA merges with a cat and an owl. There’s a rat-villain who runs the laboratory where he works, and he finds some other cat-humans who help him out.  The playful writing made me laugh out loud a few times–she doesn’t shy away from cat puns at all.

The drawings, by Johnnie Christmas, are delightful, and I, for one, cannot wait until the next volume is released.

For more reviews of Margaret Atwood’s work here on PCTELA’s blog, see Negotiating with the Dead , a book on writing, and The Tent, a book of short essays/stories (one of which works really well when teaching Hamlet–it is Horatio’s version of events after the tragedy), and finally, Stone Mattress, a collection of short stories.

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Up Late with Angel Catbird by Margaret Atwood

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