Up late with The Unseen World by Liz Moore

Up late with The Unseen World by Liz Moore

Liz Moore is one of the best authors of today you don’t know about. The first book of hers I read, Heft, impressed me with the way she explored what it means to be isolated, what family means, and how we are beholden to each other because we’re all part of the human family.

This book, The Unseen World, follows Ada Sibelius, a single child raised by a single dad who runs a computer lab, and whose mind begins to deteriorate.  Her father was an atypical father, but she loved him and sought to protect him. Moore explains David’s mind and speech at one point: “Words, to David, were nearly mathematical: there was very clearly a correct one for every slot in a sentence. When he was at his sharpest he rolled them into place like a putter on a green.” Her writing allows you to sink into the story, and I found myself pulled into a realistic world with a narrator I wanted to protect, or just hug.

*mild spoiler alert*

As Ada grows up, and begins to learn about her father, she realizes there are mysteries surrounding him, and the key to unlocking it may be an encrypted message he gave her in his last good days. Whatever mysteries her father had, she does find a way to blossom and to become her authentic self.  Near the end of the book, a description of her life is beautifully summed up with this passage: “They ate well. They slept well. They left the bedroom window open well into November, and opened it again in March.”

If you need a good book by an insightful author, check out The Unseen World.

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Up late with The Unseen World by Liz Moore

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