Friday Five: Back to School Edition

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So we find ourselves back at the beginning of a new year. Again. Those butterflies and weak knees are plaguing me again as I arrange my classroom library, scour the internet for a REALLY COOL first-day activity, and daydream about what my students’ first impressions of me will be.

Is it strange that the first day of school still sweeps me up the way it did when I was still a student? There is so much excitement during that first week of in-service days. Why can’t that enthusiasm thread its way through the entire year?

One of our fellow Pennsylvania teachers posted on the Tiny Buddha blog yesterday, and his words really spoke to me.  He titled the post “5 Ways to Find Peace: Life Lessons from an 8th Grade Teacher.” I know each of our professional stories would fill a book. An anthology even. But his succinct, funny account of lessons learned is just the right thing to read today as we prepare for another new year!

Link to Allyn Bacchus’ post on Tiny Buddha HERE!! I highly recommend checking out Tiny Buddha at some point over the next few weeks. The woman who manages the site is a friend to education and has a great eye for posting poignant stories. Or you could link directly to Allyn’s personal blog HERE in order to read his other musings.

His five lessons learned in the classroom include:

1. Be Yourself

2. Don’t Hold too Tightly to Plans

3. Don’t Get Stuck on the Negative

4. Each Day is New

5. It’s Ok to Laugh

I hope you all get off to a good start this year! And please don’t forget that PCTELA is here for you as mentors, colleagues, collaborators, and sounding-boards for all you do in education! Please don’t hesitate to contact us, ever, if you feel we could support you in some way!


Allison Irwin

Executive Director

Friday Five: Back to School Edition

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