Friday Five: Reasons to Check Out TV Tropes Wiki

I like to pay attention to what my students consume online.  This past year, one student in particular advocated for the website TV tropes, which describes itself as “The All-Devouring Pop-Culture Wiki.” He would quote from articles on the website when writing papers and I must admit, I was intrigued by the idea of the site, went to visit it, and fell into the rabbit hole that is TV Tropes.  There’s so much there.  Here are some of the many reasons you should check it out.

  1. The Literature page is broken down by both time period and genre. When you get there, let’s say you click on 1930s, and then Their Eyes Were Watching God. You end up with a summary, when it was made into a movie (something I didn’t know!), and a list of tropes. What I love about this, though, is the tropes with spoilers have to be clicked on to be revealed, so if you don’t know what “Shoot the Dog” might mean, you don’t have to click until you’ve read that far in the book.
  2. You could start on the Tropes page, which they define as “a storytelling device or convention, a shortcut for describing situations the storyteller can reasonably assume the audience will recognize.”  You could then click on TV Tropes and end up with the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, which some of my students were arguing kind of fit Ophelia in Hamlet.
  3. The Index page lists ALL THE THINGS of course.  I could spend a few hours just scrolling through that. (There’s an entry for Pun Based Title.)
  4. There’s a discussion page, which I haven’t entirely explored, but I’m certain there are some gems in there.
  5. They are super up to date! Series like Stranger Things, which just came out this July, already has an impressed entry with all the tropes (and of course, spoilers are hidden).

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 8.31.29 AM

Posted by Kate, VP Secondary

Friday Five: Reasons to Check Out TV Tropes Wiki

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