Friday Five: Tech Tools to Try this Fall

I have the opportunity to work with some amazing teachers. This week, I went to a summer session for teachers taught by other teachers in our district.  I was excited to attend this particular session because the math teacher running it, Shai, is known at the high school as extremely tech savvy. Her passion for her students and her job is contagious. I came away with so many ideas and some new technology to try out this year.

  • DotStorming–this allows you to create a quick vote for people and immediately assess the results.
  • Chrome extensions: There are so many Chrome extensions–which ones should you download? Well, I learned two that I liked: Pin tab, which allows you to pin tabs you use all the time (and it makes the tab smaller) and also One tab, which takes all your opened tabs and turns them into one website. I could see this being useful for research.
  • TodaysMeet–this is a great tool for holding virtual office hours at night (good idea for when people need help with edits before a paper is due) or also as a backchannel to class, like when we’re having a Socratic Circle or other discussion.
  • Padlet–this allows a bunch of people to edit an online bulletin board simultaneously. You can add images, words, videos…I think I’ll be using this for times when I want all students to submit an image (like when they make memes). I used to use Google Presentation, and they would all have a slide, but Padlet allows you to see images side by side. You can move them around to juxtapose them.
  • Limnu–this is on online whiteboard multiple people can use at once. Here’s Shai’s blog about it.


Posted by Kate, VP Secondary, PCTELA

Friday Five: Tech Tools to Try this Fall

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