Friday Five: Summer Writing Goals

Usually I just have reading goals, but this summer I’m determined to set and meet writing goals. Since we ask students to write all the time, I think it is important to be writers ourselves. Here’s my list of writing goals for the summer, now go and make yours!

1.Finish up the Instructor Manual for Jim Burke’s new book (yes, I just name dropped, but it’s Jim Burke! And he’s the nicest guy.). Uncharted Territory: A High School Reader has been a phenomenal project to have been involved with even at the minimal level. It comes out 8/15, and the Instructor Manual should be out in December. I just have three more chapters to go!

2. Work on my own book. I often wonder why kind of information would I have appreciated in book form when I was a new teacher. I also wonder if any of that matches up with what I’m looking for now, as a mid-career teacher. I have an idea about a book that looks at frameworks for teaching, and I’d like to get a draft of that together this summer. And if it never goes anywhere other than my computer, it will be an exercise in pulling together my thoughts at my career’s midpoint.

3. Write short stories. I have so many ideas floating around. I’d ideally like to finish drafting and revising a half dozen short stories this summer. We’ll see how that goes, but I do have two people who have agreed to exchange writing with me, so that will be helpful!

4. Write poetry. Two summers ago, I made a deal that I would write a poem every day for 30 days. It worked, and that year I submitted a number of poems to the Pennsylvania Poetry Society annual contest (I even placed with 3 poems).  I’d like to get back to writing poetry, but I think one a day might be too much. Perhaps if I write 10 new poems by the end of the summer, that is a reachable goal.

5. Freewrite! One thing I would like to return to is freewriting. This is where I come up with ideas and where I can just write whatever I’m thinking. I’d be happy to freewrite for five minutes a day.


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Friday Five: Summer Writing Goals

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