Friday Five: Final Projects for Student Engagement

The end of the year can be a tough time to keep students engaged in learning, with the sun shining and the birds chirping and summer just around the corner. Here are 5 engaging final projects to assign your students.  Have other ideas? Post a comment!

  1. Final synthesis essay: have students bring multiple texts together in one large essay or project.  For example, what if all the characters you read about were on the same reality TV show?  Or what if they all saw the same psychologist?
  2. Writing Portfolio: have students analyze how their writing has grown, shifted, or solidified over the course of the year (or years).  As they think metacognitively about writing and reflect on what they’ve done, they can set goals for next year (or the summer).
  3. Design a unit for next year: ask students to think about what was missing from your course and design a unit for next year.  This is how I ended up teaching modern plays this year–a former student noted how she’d never read a play from the last 40 years…and suggested some I could use in class.
  4. Reading Celebration with Bookmarks: ask students to make bookmarks to leave behind for your classroom library.  It will help them reflect on favorite books and celebrate reading successes.
  5. Teach a Poetry Unit: students won’t have to read too much at home, and when they’re in class, they can focus on poetry and read deeply, and then not worry about having many chapters of assigned reading at night. Have them bring in favorite poems, write their own, and research poets. 


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Posted by Kate, VP Secondary, PCTELA

Friday Five: Final Projects for Student Engagement

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