Friday Five: Reasons to Follow BookRiot

Bookriot probably tops the list of one of my favorite book blogs. There are plenty of reasons for you to check them out on twitter or Facebook, but here are a few columns I enjoy:
1. Buy, Borrow, Bypass. Pretty self-explanatory, but some fun topics, including the Sexy Cowboy edition and Graphic Novels about Artists.
2. Giveaways & Deals. Who doesn’t love free or cheap books?  Giveaways can include up to 10 books sometime, and deals have had everything from Jhumpa Lahiri to Bret Easton Ellis.
3. Our Reading Lives These columns contain letters to authors as well as personal narratives about bookish experiences.  There are also tributes to writers sometimes (such as this one to Terry Prachett).
4. Literary Tourism Traveling and need an excuse to visit a bookish place? Check this blog out.  There’s one for Philly and one for Pittsburgh.
5. Critical Linking–this is exactly what it sounds like–bookish links to follow.  I’ve found some gems through these posts.

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 9.05.19 AM

Posted by Kate, VP Secondary, PCTELA

Friday Five: Reasons to Follow BookRiot

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