Happy Shakespeare Day!

Check out this great blog by our President, Jennie K. Brown.

Jennie K. Brown

B Shakes My son dressed as The Bard this past Halloween

This will come as no surprise to many of you. I LOVE SHAKESPEARE! (See pics!) I really can’t pinpoint the exact moment I became so interested in The Bard. Sure, I enjoyed the works I read in high school and college – but it wasn’t then. Even in my first few years of teaching I didn’t have the same passion for all-things Shakespeare that I have now. Thinking back, I don’t think there was actually one thing that made me love him and his works. It was through years upon years of interaction (in school, performing in his plays, reciting his sonnets, teaching his works) that got me so interested in his works.

Shakes selfie My annual Shakespeare Day selfie!

My first interaction with Shakespeare was in a performance of Macbeth the summer going into my sophomore year of high school. My drama…

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Happy Shakespeare Day!

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