Friday Five: Things to do when in a writing rut!

unnamed1. Work Out. My elliptical machine, hand weights, and sneakers are in the same room as my writing desk. When I have a bit of writer’s block, I slip on my sneakers and jump on the elliptical. Even if I only get in a 15 minute workout, sometimes that’s all I need to recharge my writing battery.

2. Plan a writing lesson. Like many of you English teachers, I’m constantly revising my lessons. Sometimes when I am in a writing funk, I will revisit a lesson or research new lessons. This can even spur writing inspiration for my own work!

3. Collaborate with other writers/teachers. I recently joined a children’s book critique group in my area. We meet each month and discuss our works. When I’m in a writing rut, I like to visit our dropbox and read pieces of their works. I’ll jot down feedback and reflect upon their pages. Sometimes seeing a flaw in another’s work helps me recognize some in my own – so back to writing I go!

4. Read. As you’ve heard over and over, writers read. I get inspired by the works of others, and sometimes reading someone else’s words is all I need to get motivated.

5. Write. Although this may seem counterintuitive, I keep writing when in a writing rut! If I’m working on a YA novel, I’ll jump down to my picture book file and work on one of those. I don’t stop writing, cold turkey, for days on end, because the best way to improve any craft is to practice. So I keep on writin’ on!

Happy writing!

Photo on 3-25-15 at 8.06 AM #2Jennie K. Brown, PCTELA President, @jenniekaywrites

Friday Five: Things to do when in a writing rut!

One thought on “Friday Five: Things to do when in a writing rut!

  1. These are all great ideas, but I especially love #4. I find reading is the best way to break myself out of any writing rut. Reading other authors beautifully-composed words always inspires me to push myself a little harder.

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