Up Late with The Talisman by Stephen King

The Talisman is an amazing tale about a man named Jack Sawyer, a twelve year old boy who sets out to save his mother with the help from something called the Talisman. Jack’s journey will lead him through the darkest parts of America and also through America’s parallel universe called “the Territories.” With help from one of his dad’s olds friends Jack will travel over hundreds of miles of unknown land along with many different friends to seek out the Dark House where the Talisman is protected.

I chose to read this book due to my dad pestering me constantly to read it. He’s read it twice already and pushed me to read the book until I had. He knew that I would love it and he was right. The major events Jack and his friends encounter during their grand adventure to reach the Dark House and that in this world, two worlds are parallel and whatever happens in one will happen in the other in a different, but closely related way. The small detours that are taken turn out to be large events that could turn deadly at any second, becoming even more dangerous when they flip into the territories. This little book holds an epic adventure through hundreds upon hundreds of unknown lands in a lost world through amazing landscapes and through radiation wastelands keeping long, lost monsters in the darkness of its destruction.

Favorite Quotes from The Talisman

  • “You don’t own a thing unless you can give it up, what does it profit a man, it profits him nothing, it profits him zilch, and you don’t learn that in school, you learn it on the road..”
  • “From outside came a sudden and loud music of birds celebrating their existence.”
  • “Everything goes away, Jack Sawyer, like the moon. Everything comes back, like the moon.”

imgresToday’s review is by Kyler, a senior at State College High School.

Up Late with The Talisman by Stephen King

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