Friday Five: English Teaching Apps to Download this Summer

Top 5 English Teacher Apps

1. Shakespeare in Bits

This is a new, exciting, multimedia approach to learning and teaching Shakespeare’s plays. Shakespeare In Bits brings Shakespeare’s most popular plays to life through an animated re-enactment, full audio and unabridged text. Although there’s nothing quite like acting out and reading Shakespeare IRL, this application serves as a great supplement to the text. Right now the plays available through this app are the most commonly taught Julius Caesar, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

2. Grammar Up

This app was selected by Apple for its “High School Survival Guide”. It provides a quiz system with over 1500 grammar questions in 20 different categories (from basic parts of speech to infinitives and gerunds to S-V agreement). Students can take a “mock test” with real-time error feedback, which provides students with the opportunity to improve their strategies for grammar success.

3. Writing Prompts (by

I really like this application because it uses pictures, colors, words, genres and different types of writing to provide creative inspiration for writers and writing students. Included in this application is a database of over 600 creative writing prompts in the form of quotes, story openers and writing exercises that can be used to jump-start student writing projects.

4. My Story – Book Maker for Kids

This Parent’s Choice Award Winner elementary-level application allows kids to create and share ebooks and stories by adding drawings, photos and stickers. After the pages are designed, students record their own voiceover on each page and then share the story with friends, family and classmates. What fun!

5. Alphabytes

For younger students, this animated iPad app is a fun aid for learning the shapes and sounds of letters. In addition to watching animated sequences with voice-overs and sound effects for each letter, students can learn to write upper and lower case letters by tracing their shapes. Games for spelling and reading are also provided.

Compiled from by Jennie, PCTELA President @jenniekaywrites

Friday Five: English Teaching Apps to Download this Summer

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