Friday Five: Top 5 English Teacher Video Memes

  1. Epic Rap Battles of History: Most recently, Stephen King vs. Edgar Allen Poe. While this video is, in and of itself, brilliant, the fact that Stephen King tweeted about it made it even better.
  2. Thug Notes: If you haven’t checked out these hilarious, accurate, and borderline classroom inappropriate videos, free up an evening and start watching. One of my favorites is the Lord of the Flies Thug Notes, but Hamlet and Crime and Punishment are pretty impressive, too.
  3. John Green’s vlogbrothers.  You all know The Fault in Our Stars is out in theaters now, but have you seen John Green’s video channel with his brother?  There are so many amazing videos here, among them, “Life is Like Pizza,” where he discusses English teachers, critical reading, and symbolism.

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 7.58.46 AM

4. Sassy Gay Friend.  Wouldn’t a lot of us benefit from a visit from a sassy gay friend during a bad relationship? I wish they were still making these videos, but I still think they should make this list.  Romeo and Juliet was the first one of these I saw, and I still love it, but The Giving Tree is also brilliant, with the nod to Boo Radley.

5. Sister salad “Yo Comments are Wack!” “If you’re going to insult me, at least spell it right.” Another classic — an old favorite but still relevant.


Posted by Kate, who sometimes makes her own weird videos…

Friday Five: Top 5 English Teacher Video Memes

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