Friday Five: the Next 5 Books in my Queue



This week’s Friday Five comes to you with the summer in mind.  Too many books, too little time.  So, I thought I would prioritize a few of mine for the next two weeks.

1. Walker Percy The Moviegoer–this one comes on the recommendation of a friend who also gave me a copy of Flesh and Not Flesh by David Foster Wallace, and The Circle by David Eggers.  Therefore, he’s a trusted recommender.  I looked this one up on Goodreads and judging by some of the quotes I found, it will be a good read. (“Before, I wandered as a diversion. Now I wander seriously and sit and read as a diversion.”)

2. Chris Bohjalian The Buffalo Soldier–I have yet to read a Bohjalian novel I didn’t like, but somehow, I missed reading this one.  Just yesterday at the local Goodwill I found a copy of this (all the college students are moving out and donating their libraries to Goodwill).  Random note: when I worked at a bookstore in Vermont years and years ago, I met Chris, and he was a lovely man, which has nothing to do with him as an author, but always gives me warm fuzzies to know a favorite author is also a kind person.

3. David Eggers A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius–I have been meaning to read this one for ten years.  When I typed that, I realized I really need to move this one to the front of the line. When I read Infinite Jest a few summers ago, it was the edition Eggers wrote the preface to, and I loved his prose.  I’ve heard this compared to Catcher in the Rye and I’ve had a copy on my shelf far too long without having read it. (Admit it, you have books like this, too.)

4. Tea Obreht The Tiger’s Wife–This one has been on my shelf for a year or so, when a colleague recommended it to me.  However, in a conversation with another colleague, I gave it away. I seem to have a problem giving books away.  Well, I suppose it isn’t a problem as much as a habit.  So, I found this one at Goodwill again, and purchased it.  Because, hey, who wouldn’t buy a good book for only $1?

5. Dan Wells I am Not a Serial Killer–This one I’ve had in the back of my mind to read ever since I talked about it with Lisa Yee.  Yeah, I just namedropped.  I don’t get to do it often, so give me this one.  We were chatting at dinner after the PCTELA 2012 Conference and I asked what her kids liked to read.  She mentioned this book, which features a young John Wayne Cleaver, who apparently prefers dead people to the living.

So there you have it.  My current queue.  It might change.  Well, let’s be honest, it will probably change.  But that’s the prerogative of a reader–to change her mind as quickly as she flips a page. Happy Friday and Happy Reading and Happy Almost Summer.

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Friday Five: the Next 5 Books in my Queue

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