Friday Top 5 – Divergent Inspired Pastimes


Top 5 Divergent Inspired Pastimes

 5. AMITY – Picking apples in the orchard

         This one is simple. I love apples. Apple cider is one of my favorite drinks of all time. I’m envisioning myself snug inside the “Y” of two branches gathering apples in the extra fabric of my apron. SUPER peaceful.

 4. CANDOR – Playing “truth or truth” with the director of the CI

         I might be running the risk of labeling myself a conspiracy theorist here, but wouldn’t this be fun! He could tell me about all the aliens, werewolves, sci-fi experiments, and other wacky stuff that has occurred (or maybe not) throughout history.

3. ABNEGATION – Eating dinner with my family

         The idea of selflessness has some appeal to it. One person cooking, one cleaning up, everyone making an effort to listen and respond to what the other is saying. Everyone working within their role. This sounds far more appealing than stopping by the Panera Bread on my way home and eating dinner in front of the TV!

2. ERUDITE – Becoming totally obsessed with my research topic

         I completely immerse myself in a topic once it captures my attention. Every time I read a passage where Will or Caleb start rambling about their latest factoids, I get super excited.

1. DAUNTLESS – Training with my friends

         Let’s just pretend for a moment that Peter, Eric, and the other mean-spirited characters don’t exist in Dauntless. Pretend that only people like Four exist in Dauntless. Those are the people I would train with. There is something about running, exercising, and pushing the physical body to its limits that is therapeutic. If I could train with my friends without all the aggression and cruel competition, then this would be my favorite pastime.

Written by Allison – PCTELA Executive Director

Friday Top 5 – Divergent Inspired Pastimes

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